Holidays can be stressful and difficult for low-income families and those facing a financial emergency such as lost jobs, foreclosure, or medical emergencies. The pressure on families to provide an abundant and festive celebration with gifts and fancy meals comes from all sides: media, advertisements, news stories, and social interactions. However, the reality is that many low-income families might not be choosing between ham and turkey for their holiday meal – they might be choosing between paying utilities and repairing the only vehicle that can get them to a job. In these circumstances, providing a holiday meal and presents for children can present an insurmountable challenge.

One of the elements of the Food Security Program that is most cherished and appreciated by clients is the Thanksgiving Food Basket. With substantial community support, Casa de Peregrinos has been able to distribute a basket with a turkey, stuffing, vegetables, and pie to client families. “Turkey Drives” are conducted across the community, and we have been successful in organizing the donation of over 1,000 turkeys. In 2018, Casa de Peregrinos joined with the La Casa domestic violence program, and Calvary Baptist Church to provide a Thanksgiving food basket for up to 2,100 families in Doña Ana County. In order to streamline the process of soliciting and distributing meals, families we asked to pre-register.

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