With 25 years as a Board Member and 12 of those as its chair, George Miller was a cornerstone of the Casa de Peregrinos community. Together with Senator Pete Domenici, he played a key role in securing financing for the construction of the present Casa de Peregrinos building. Mr. Miller played a significant part in the development of the Mobile Food Pantries, a vital component of CdP’s service program. He played a significant role in creating the CdP endowment, which sustains our organization. He also left his fingerprints on many, many other program improvements of our pantry.

Nothing could fully recognize his gifts to us, but, in partial recognition of his service, Casa de Peregrinos is naming the main lobby wall in its new headquarters the “George W. Miller, Jr. Community Wall.”

The wall will be the centerpiece of the lobby and will contain a mural creating an inspiring visual representation of the mission and history of Casa de Peregrinos. It will also include plaques with donor names. A plaque will feature the photo and bio of Mr. Miller.

To purchase a plaque for you, your family, or in memory of a loved one you can contact Bianca at 575-259-3438.

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