We’ve long aspired to expand our services by providing nutrition programs that will help clients better utilize the food from CdP, and finally, we are in a position to do so. In our new headquarters, we have a demonstration kitchen where our nutrition specialist is planning classes for clients on how to make the most of a cart of food.


Already, she has conducted an evaluation of the nutritional value of the carts distributed by CdP. Through an analysis of the nutritional content of each product in the carts, she has determined that “The contents of an average food cart from Casa de Peregrinos falls within the USDA guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and can feed a family of four for nearly six days.” Its nutritional content includes:

  • Protein = 27% (USDA recommended 10-35%)
  • Carbohydrates = 8% (USDA recommended 45-65%)
  • Fat = 30% (USDA recommended 20-35%)
  • Fiber =884g- 37g (per person a day) (USDA recommended 20-30g)


Future plans for nutrition education include working with the Institute for Healthy Living and the El Paso Diabetes Association to provide programs on Food and Prep Safety, and classes such as “Let’s Cook Together”, “Rainbow of Foods” and “What is This?”

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