In 2009, Casa de Peregrinos created The Children’s Summer Program as a companion to the Food Security Program. It operates between May 15 and August 15 each year. During that period of time, when school is not in session, eligible families with school-age children can receive a second monthly distribution of groceries: canned goods, staples, good sources of protein, as well as fruits and vegetables in season. This is specifically designed to address the increased needs of families with school-age children during the times when school is not in session, and children no longer have access to free or reduced school breakfast and lunch programs.


As 70% of the students in Doña Ana County are eligible for the free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs through the local schools, the Children’s Summer Program fills an important niche in the lives of low-income families in our communities.


In 2018, 2,375 families with over 2,000 children benefited from the Children’s Summer Program. That’s more than 800 distributions made.

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